Saturday, September 10, 2005

Getting to the Truth About Katrina

Katrina...That name has a new sound to it doesn't it? It's a name I always used to like, I always thought it was pretty. Now I can't hear the name without thinking of the devastation in the Gulf Coast. The memories of this will haunt us for a long time. I wonder though, how much longer we'll feel the political and economical ramifications of Katrina?

I've been disgusted to see that politicians on both sides of this tragedy are using it to further their own agendas. Democrats are pointing at the current administration and screaming bloody murder at how long it took to get rescue workers into New Orleans. Republicans scream about how the democrat Governor of Louisiana handcuffed the federal government and delayed aid from the Red Cross.

I'm sick of it.

Even as we unite to help innocent victims of a raging storm, we're being divided by an even more powerful maelstrom.


People on each side of this issue, whether politicians with a vested interest, or regular citizens spewing the party line with particular venom on the internet or in person, have placed furthering their party's agenda ahead of actually helping these people and taking steps to make sure we do better next time.

Political parties were originally designed to create a dialog between people with different ideas directed towards a common goal...making this a better place to live. Now the only purpose they serve is to make us bicker over whose "fault" everything is.

It has to stop. What we need to be doing is working to determine where the system broke. We need to do this with an eye toward correcting the problems, not so we can scream "it's all THEIR fault".

To that end, in my next few blogs I'm going to be trying to sift through all the garbage that's out in the news and post relevant information about what should have happened, and what did happen. I'm also going to post ideas for how to prevent this scene from happening again, and maybe even ideas for helping things now.

For this to be of any benefit, it needs to be a group effort. If you see a particularly interesting article online, email it to me, or just let me know where to find it. If you have ideas or observations, please share them, either through email or by commenting on this blog. I'm hoping to create a community project that will unite people on both sides of the divide, help us to understand each other a little better and prepare us to discern the wheat from the chaff that our leaders try to feed us.

I will not allow, however, propaganda or venom to be unleashed here. This is a safe haven for the expression of ideas, not a "my party is honest and yours is crooked" or "my guy is smart and yours is an idiot" discussion.

Until next time, let's be good to each other.


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